The Leader in Factory Built Bathroom Pods

Oldcastle SurePods is the leading provider of prefab bathrooms in North America. Using BIM and lean manufacturing technology, Oldcastle SurePods works with customers from design through installation to produce custom, ready-to-install bathroom pods for hotels, hospitals, military barracks and multi-unit residential projects.


  • Built in a controlled environment
  • 3D Computer driven design
  • Rigorous quality control, quality assurance programs
  • Efficient process and minimized waste


  • Bathrooms are manufactured simultaneous to construction on site
  • No weather delays in factory
  • Efficient installation onsite
  • Punch list complete in factory


  • No bathroom punchlist
  • Design-assist program
  • Reduce on-site waste
  • One point of contact for all design & warranty issues

Want To Learn More?

Take a moment to watch the video testimonial about the LA Live Marriott project. Edward Kirk, director of construction for Sodo Builders, was the project executive for the 393 unit high-rise hotel in Los Angeles.

“The benefit from using the modular system was equal to about 8 weeks in the overall schedule”.Ed Kirk, director of construction SODO Builders
His testimonial is captured in this fast paced video summary. Ed also speaks about his experience with SurePods’ logistics, planning and exceptional quality. And best of all, he is looking forward to doing business with Oldcastle again.